Why Thermodynamic solar Energy

The Uk is not known for its year round sunshine. During winter here in Britain we receive an average of seven hours of light a day with three to four hours of sunshine. This situation limits the operation of conventional thermal solar panels.

Thermodynamic Principle

Thermodynamic solar panels are very different. Based on the principle and theory of Nicholas Carnot, a French physicist on the 1840. He discovered thermodynamics and using this technology and applying modern science and materials, thermodynamic solar panels are now available to heat your hot water, home, business or swimming pool.

The solar panels are able to gather and extract heat originating from the atmosphere day and night in sunshine, rain, wind and snow. These thermodynamic solar panels will produce hot water and heat whenever you need it at all times of the day and and night, the whole year round.

Thermodynamic solar panels are a major advancement in thermal solar technology and will see a rapid growth as home and business owners alike realise the high efficiency and low costs that these systems offer. The fact that they also qualify for the renewable heat incentive (RHI).

Thermodynamic solar panels are produced and created by using high performance anodised aluminium that has a sokolote selective covering that guarantees a life time defence against oxidisation and corrosion.


  • Heats water to 55°C all year round
  • Works in sun, wind, rain and at night
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency
  • Robust aluminium panels weigh only 8kg
  • Straightforward installation, minimal maintenance
  • Can be mounted vertically on walls
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications
  • Significantly reduces carbon emissions

Work in Rain and Shine, Snow and Wind 24/7

Thermodynamic solar panels work in rain, shine, frost or snow, 24 hours per day 365 days per year. They are the next generation in thermal solar and, as they do not rely on sunlight, are perfect for anywhere in the UK, unlike PV or traditional thermal solar.

They can be fitted to any roof area or vertically on a wall. The solar collectors will absorb heat from both sides of the panel making them the most efficient on the market. This means that one panel will be able to provide enough water for a family of 4 or 5.

Save Up To 80% off of Your Water Heating Bills 

Thermodynamic solar panels are able to collect the heat of the Sun, even the wind and rain, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. One of their innovative features is the circulation of an ecological fluid at a negative temperature, that enables a greater collection of solar power and environmental energy, which are then released into the water through a heat exchanger.

The temperature gradient caused by external atmospheric agents will cause the ecological fluid, contained within this thermodynamic solar panel, to change into gas and evaporate inside the panel. The absence of glass in the panel enables an increase of heat exchange through convection.

After evaporation, the fluid is sucked by the compressor, which increases its temperature and pressure. The heat generated during compression is transferred to the water through the heat exchanger. Before the ecological fluid returns to the solar panel it is necessary that an expansion take place. This means that the pressure must decrease so that the gas returns to a liquid state, thus completing the cycle.

Thermodynamic solar systems employ two types of known ecological fluids that observe the European Standards: R 134-A and R 407-C. Notice they do not contain ammonia and are considered ecological. They display several characteristics: non-toxic, non-combustible, noncorrosive, chemically stable in situations of high pressure and high temperature, possess high evaporation heat, do not contain chlorine and are easily handled.

Thermodynamic is a very low cost option with a high coefficient making it one of the most effective ways to heat your water and your home and of course, they are environmentally friendly.

Our flexible solar systems can not only be used to heat your water but can also be used to heat your home in the Winter and other cold months and then switched over to heat your swimming pool in the Summer months when heating is not required in your home.

Traditional solar panels are limited in their operation, their use being directly linked to the climate and their exposure to the sun.

Thermodynamic solar system represents the major leap in the development of solar power collecting, overcoming all the limitations found in the traditional solar systems.

The thermodynamic solar panels are a genuine advancement in collecting of solar power and its transformation. They are manufactured in anodised aluminium of high performance and possess a sokolote selective coating that ensures a long term protection against corrosion.

Installation Of the Thermodynamic Solar System 
Our thermodynamic solar collectors are very easy to install. They are less than 2 meters long and 80 cm wide. The absorb heat from the atmosphere on both sides which makes them very efficient.Unlike conventional thermal panels and heat pumps, thermodynamic solar equipments make use of the sun, wind and rain. They even work when it is frosty and snowing.

Thermodynamic Solar Energy Advantages

  • They are easy to install
  • No maintenance needed
  • Non-combustible refrigerant
  • Not affected by corrosion unlike water and glycol filled systems
  • Safe, Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Does not have to be switched off when not being used
  • High evaporation heat
  • Chemically stable at different pressures and temperatures
  • The system does not get frozen
  • The system will not overheat
  • The only fluid inside the collector is a coolant and therefore  not affected by hard waters, lime, rust etc.


Our collectors do not get overheated in summer. They are fully resistant to interior corrosion, they are provided with a 30 micron anodised layer. They are very light (8 kilos). They do not need any auxiliary energy source to defrost. They are not affected by hard water (containing calcium) and they they require virtually no maintenance.

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How The Thermodynamic System Works

You can also find out more about the thermodynamic principles here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermodynamic_system