The latest information on thermodynamics

We will be adding all of the latest information on thermodynamics and other renewable energy products.

The advances in green and renewable energy products have been noticeable over the last few years technology has moved forward at a rapid speed.

New products are coming to market on a regular basis but the launch in the UK of the thermodynamic solar panels has taken people by storm.

Thermodynamic solar panels or a more apt title would be thermodynamic atmospheric panels have only been here for a couple of years but already they are fast becoming the replacement for the thermal solar products that have been popular.


Before PV solar panels thermal solar was sold extensively across the UK. However, they are not that efective in the British weather as they rely on the sun to heat the liquid in the evacuated tubes. the new thermodynamic solar systems from Greenserve UK use patented technology to heat the water and use a refrigerant liquid to heat the domestic hot water providing 100% of a households hot water needs.

greenserve have a number of stockists across the UK and teams of MCS accredited installers nationwide.

Details can be found on the main site

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Thermodynamic Solar Panels V Thermal Solar

Thermodynamic Solar Panels V Thermal Solar Systems

A new innovation in hot water heating is the new thermodynamic solar panel system. Unlike the traditional thermal solar, the thermodynamic atmospheric hot water heating system will work 24/7



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