Why Choose GreenServe?

Reliable and Proven Products

Greenserve only supply the best available renewable energy products.

Our thermodynamic solar panel system is a proven and patented technology.

The systems are currently being installed in 29 countries around the world.

The Latest Generation in Solar Technology – High Efficiency

This new innovation in this solar technology does not use glass or any other fragile material, nor does it use water, glycol mix which makes the panels very heavy and prone problems.

The system has a high resistance to aggressive agents, which means that the useful life of the product is expected to be more than 25 years of trouble free service and hot water production.

Easy Installation and Maintenance Free

The domestic hot water system comes pre gassed and is easy to install The panels can be fitted on the wall or the roof and will work in most orientations.

They can be painted to fit in with their surroundings and the panels weigh 8kg so will not cause any structural issues due to excess weight load.

Sales Support and Customer Service

Green serve distribution prides itself on its back up and support for all of our trade and retail clients.  Useful tools like the thermodynamic calculator which will assess which size system is required for any application and the RHI calculator which will help work out the payback term, how much money will be paid over the 20 year term that the RHI payments are made and the carbon emission reductions over the same period.

Our business relies repeat business and word of mouth and and we strive to provide the  best customer service in the industry.