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Course Details – 3 Day F Gas Training Course Information 

This is a very intensive course that covers a lot of information in a short space of time. Although not a necessity, this course is best suited to those who already have some experience in either refrigeration, plumbing or welding.

Greenserveuk have introduced new Refrigeration training courses to meet the legal requirement of the F Gas regulations (EC Regulation 842/2006).

These courses are accredited by the government awarding body in the UK – Construction Skills (CITB).

Our  F Gas training courses are designed for people who want to work with thermodynamic energy system.

There are 4 competency categories for anyone who installs, services or repairs thermodynamic energy systems. This qualification will also equip and qualify you to work on air conditioning units, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.

We provide the most comprehensive Category 1 qualification (CITB J11) which covers all aspects of thermodynamic installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance, recovery and leak checking on all types if thermodynamic, refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems in accordance with the F-Gas Regulation EC842/2006, regardless of the weight of refrigerant in the system.

Why Use Greenserveuk as my F Gas training provider?

Greenserveuk were one of the first companies to import, distribute and install the thermodynamic energy system in homes across the united kingdom. Unlike most F Gas training programs, we are very experienced in all aspects of the thermodynamic systems and our training is specifically targeted to these products although we also cover the full range of heat pumps, air conditioning equipment and refrigeration.

Our purpose built, mobile training centre comes fully equipped and fitted out to provide one-on-one training. With our purpose built training rigs there is plenty of time for hands on training for up to 10 people. Training can carried out at your premises or at a place local to you.

Our highly experienced trainer is proud of his outstanding, successful completion rate. His attention to detail is exemplary, yet he has the ability to put things across in an easy to understand way that has allowed us to attain a higher then 95% pass rate.

You also have ongoing access to our technical department after the training to help with advice and information related to thermodynamic energy systems, heat pumps or other renewable energy systems.

You will also receive access to the online training materials and calculators which are only available to people who have attended our training course.

Who will benefit

Any person who wants to install, service or repair thermodynamic energy systems, heat pumps, air conditioning units or refrigeration systems, and who require the minimum legal requirements to work on thermodynamic energy systems as well as heat pumps,  air conditioning units and refrigeration equipment.

Purpose of the course

  •     Fabricate and fit mechanical and brazed joints
  •     Pressure test and evacuate to BSEN378:2:2008
  •     Charge a blended refrigerant
  •     Analyse system performance to ensure efficiency
  •     (using pressure, temperature, refrigerant state and rule of thumb)
  •     Leak test to EC1516/2007
  •     Maintain F-Gas log books and records
  •     Handle refrigerant safely and dispose of legally
  •     All candidates will be able to ensure systems are tight, efficient in their use of energy and meet the F-Gas legal requirements

Duration:  3 Days

Cost – £799 +VAT

Also 5 day courses which includes Pipework and brazing qualification are available please contact us for more details.

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