Energie is based in Portugal and was founded in 1981, the wholly Portuguese owned company is the exclusive holder of the patent and manufacturer of thermodynamic solar systems.

Since that time it has asserted itself nationally and internationally as a reference in the manufacture of solar energy.

The reliability and efficiency demonstrated over the years have made ENERGIE into a sound company with a product of recognised quality and robustness.

The system’s success – which can, in the main, be put down to its economy, efficiency and reliability compared with the other kinds of systems – has awoken the interest of an ever greater number of clients worldwide.

All production complies with the most demanding, strict criteria so as to ensure their clients get the highest quality standards.

The Department of Research and Development keeps several lines of research active that enable the company to be ready for a swift integration in the industrial process of those scientific leaps that have been made.

The commitment to research has turned ENERGIE into a recognised reference in matters of technology and research into one of the strategic pillars of growth. In order to do so, the company enjoys the collaboration of the most prestigious Universities and national and international Research and Development Centres.

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