Domestic Hot Water 

Hot Water at the Lowest Cost

With thermodynamic solar panels, you are assured of continuous hot water for the whole year round. The system works regardless of the outside temperature in all seasons down to -5 degrees celsius. While other solar thermal systems are struggling in the cold winter months with frost or snow on the roof, your thermodynamic panels will be producing enough hot water for you and your family day and night by absorbing the heat from the atmosphere.

The highly efficient heat absorption of the panels will heat your sanitary water up to 55º C they provide very high productivity and low energy use.

A 200 litre system uses around 390 watts of electricity and yet produces up to 2 kWh (average 1,690 Kwt).

You should achieve a reduction of around 80% or more of your current water heating cost.

There is virtually no maintenance and, in comparison to traditional thermal solar panels, this application of innovative technology and greater thermal productivity makes thermodynamic solar panels the preferred choice in solar energy for water heating. Especially in the British climate where we cannot rely on the sunshine.

Whilst the science has been around since the 1800’s the innovative use and state-of-the-art technology make these systems the latest generation of solar energy for water heating.

You can also check out the Paneless Thermodynamic Energy System if it is not practical for a panel

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The domestic hot water systems come with a single or double panel and the water storage cylinder. Working in all weathers they will provide 100% of your hot water requirements and are perfect for any family home.

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The Thermodynamic Paneless System  Click here for more details

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