Central Heating For Your Home Thermodynamics for Comfort 

With the rise in energy prices spiralling out of control, cost effective ways to heat your home are important.

The system can be used for underfloor heating and, in some cases, using aluminium  radiators.

The system is more efficient than tradition heat pumps and work to lower temperatures.

Thermodynamics are not as effective with traditional steel radiators due to the lower temperatures that they operate at. Central heating boilers usually work at around 70 ° C to work efficiently. The thermodynamic systems work at  (55 ° C)  The system however, can be cost effective when used to pre-heat a heating system where the fuel costs are high like coal and oil.

Thermodynamic solar systems enable the collection of enough heat to warm a home up to a comfortable temperature, even on cold winter days. This solar systems may also be used all year round in Spring, Autumn and Summer to heat the water for your home, heating or swimming pool.