Thermodynamic Water Heaters

Works Day & Night

Thermodynamic systems do not rely on the sun to work and therefore will work in the night and on cloudy days. 

Fits Anywhere

The space saving solar box is very compact and can be fitted onto a wall or on the floor. It can go into the loft space, airing cupboard, garage or utility area. 

Ecos Solar Box
Snow, Wind Rain or Shine

The solar box will provide hot water even when the temperature is down to -5 degrees Celsius. In the snow, wind rain or shine.

Save Up To 80% 

This highly efficient water heater can save you up to 80% of your energy costs. Providing hot water 24/7 -  365 days per year.

FAR Infrared Heaters

Energy Saving 

FAR infrared heaters are a low cost, efficient and energy saving way to heat your home or business. They provide instant heat that is as natural as the sun, gently heating the actual fabric of the objects and people  in the room. Keeping a regular and even temperature.

Easy To Install

Infared panels are very light and can be fitted on the ceiling, to the wall, using the fittings provided, or they can be free standing using the optional feet.

FAR Infrared panel heaters
Healthy Heat

FAR Infrared heat is healthy and can help allergy sufferers and those with asthma and other breathing related illnesses. Infrared heaters prevent mould, mildew, and damp and are perfect for heating older properties where proper insulation can be difficult.

Safe To Use

They are silent in operation with no moving parts. They heat up to around 80 °C which means, although they get hot they will not burn on touch, unlike other electric heaters

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