• AeroTermo PST-250

    Works WITHOUT a Panel

    Works 24 Hours 365 Days A Year

    Stainless Steel Cylinder

    Huge Energy Saving

    Connects to Existing System

    AeroTermo PST-250
  • Thermodynamics

    – Heats water to up to 55°C
    – Works in Sun, Wind, Rain, Day & Night
    – Easy Installation, Low Maintenance
    – Can be fitted onto a wall or roof
    – Does Not Have to be South Facing
    – Suitable for Domestic and Commercial

  • Free Survey

    Free Survey

    Free Quotation

    NO Obligation

    Save £££’s Efficient & Effective

    Free Survey
  • Work Night and Day

    Works in ALL Weather Conditions 

    Works 24/7 365 days per year

    Works below freezing 

    Very Low Running Costs


    Work Night and Day
Thermodynamic Solar Panels - The Future of Thermal Energy...

Domestic Hot Water

DOMESTIC HOT WATER   Heats water to 55 degrees Celsius. Make savings of up to 80% on your energy bill. Virtually no maintenance. Working night and day in all weathers. More..

HEATING LARGE VOLUMES   Traditional boilers can be replaced  with the Thermodynamic system greatly reducing the costs of generating hot water. More.

SWIMMING POOLS   Enjoy the use of your pool all year long with the thermodynamic solar energy system. Low maintenance  and reduced running costs. More 

CENTRAL HEATING  The Thermodynamic Energy System can be used with underfloor heating to heat your home and are more efficient than a heat pump. More